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4 inspiring interior design ideas for this winter

Winter is all about festivities and joy! It can be a great opportunity to revamp your home with the best of interior design ideas this wintry weather. You can very easily contact an interior designer in Kolkata who will help you to redesign your home and give a vibrant new look!  Doing up the interiors of home are immensely fun making by adding elements like texture, colour, pattern and pretty things.

  • You can easily add a few lovely area rugs that not only keep your feet warm, but do not forget to bring in color and character to it. You can choose rugs that fit the existing style and color scheme of your home; soft colours will look the best! Bare wooden or tile floors can be quite unforgiving as winter starts to set in. Light colour textile rugs and blankets are perfect for winter and they give your home a cozy cabin effect.

Interior Designer in Kolkata | Interior Decoration Ideas | Interior designing service \ Kitchen remodelling | Home Remodelling

  • You can add luxurious layers in the bedroom. You can contact any interior designer in Kolkata for the interior decorating services you want and he/she will give the best idea of how to revamp the bedroom décor perfectly. There are different interesting ways to make your bedroom look warm and fluffy without going over the top. While several different layers of bedding which can also include quilt covers and comforters often work for the bed, make sure the rest of the room also gets a winter makeover. Add some interesting lighting and fill the empty corner with a stylish new accent chair.
  • You can add metallic and mirrored surfaces that would go perfectly with the elegance of winter. Make all these interesting stuff shine around the home by incorporating accents with metallic surfaces and mirrored details. They produce interesting design, as well as their illuminating quality, will help with light reflection too.
  • A bit of traditional touch will bring in nostalgic feel for this winter. So, that can be quite interesting! As a result, you can easily bring back the familiar by adding traditional style elements to your home. This can be in the form of embroidered accent pillows, a cushy rocking chair, plaid or heavy curtains. These little ideas can make your home look exclusive this coming winter!

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