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5 easy Vaastu tips to invite good luck for your home

Vaastu is a blend of belief and astrological science.According to mystic ancient science, the location and designing of a building we live in can affect our lives and the energy surrounding us. Vastu is nothing but aligning our homes in such a way with nature that our mind and soul can be at solace. In the current scenario, many interior designing companies in Kolkata are using Vastu while remodelling home and offices as proper energy initiate small changes in individual and family, offering good health and prosperity.

Here are 5 essential tips to attract good luck to your home this festive season:

  • The Entrance

If the entrance door of your house faces north or east, it is considered to be lucky. Make sure to keep the space near your main door clutter free as most positive energies will enter your home from here. Avoid blocking the door with shoes and use teak for the wooden door for extra good luck.

laughing Buddha | Vaastu Tips | Interior Designers in Kolkata | Interior Decoration Service

  • Idols and spiritual rooms

A laughing Buddha symbolizes peace, harmony and happiness. It perfectly adds to your home décor and brings spiritual vibes to your home. Having a puja room or even a corner will make your home more peaceful and surreal.

  • Décor

Hanging windchimes on your doors and windows is considered good vaastu. It is believed that it attracts fortune and wealth and drives out negative energies. Placing a small money plant in the corner of your living room is also considered to welcome good life and well-being.

  • Clocks

Clocks and watches in your home decide the direction of energy flow. According to vastu, all clocks in the house must always be kept in good and working condition.

  • Pets

Having dogs, cats and even fish tanks in your home will automatically make it a happier place. A pet that is loved in a house makes the residents feel happy around it. A fish tank is specially considered a positive vaastu and the constant movement of the fishes keep good energy flowing in the house.

Any home decor service provider in Kolkata will be able to guide you in the field of vastu, if you are looking to decorate your new home. You can also consult an interior designer or find information on the internet or magazines.

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