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6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Balcony

A balcony need not just be a place for you to stand and have a smoke or talk on the phone. With a little planning, you can convert it to your very own retreat for times when you just want to be alone with a good book, or have tea with your loved one. Here are a few ideas to help you set up the perfect decor for the purpose.


Potted plants can add a natural touch to the decor


Potted plants in various sizes can help you build your very own oasis, right on your balcony. You can plant vines and drape them over the railings to create a natural screen that hides your balcony from the outside. If you have enough space, you may also get plants that bear fruits or flowers to get the most out of your indoor garden.
A planter can offer additional storage space


A planter in an interesting shape can offer space for potted plants and extra space for other items as well. What’s more – you can easily move it around to free up space, should you need iot at some point of time.


A tea table and chairs can create an ideal place for having tea


Getting a medium sized polymer tea table and 2-3 plastic chairs can let you enjoy morning tea with a newspaper in hand, or spend some quality time in the evening with your loved one. If you are more likely to find time to have tea in the evenings, then installing an LED lamp might be a good idea. What’s more – you can even have a romantic dinner with your spouse, right on the balcony.


A few cushions and a small mattress can help you catch some shut eye


If you have a box-style, covered balcony with railings all around, then putting a mattress and a few pillows/cushions there can help you take a nap while watching the sky. Just make sure the mattresses are lightweight, so that you can quickly bring them inside when it starts raining.


Hanging a hammock can also help you take a nap on the balcony


A hammock takes no floor space and can help you curl up with a good book at the end of a hard day. You might need to install a few pedestal lamps for the light though, since there may not be any space for installing lamps around the hammock itself.
An outdoor bookcase can hold your favourite books and magazines


If you love reading on the balcony, then an outdoor bookcase would be a worthy investment. You can choose one made of marine plywood or polymer, so that it lasts a long time, even after contact with moisture during the monsoon season. Also, choosing one with a watertight lock will protect your books from rain.


So, what are you waiting for? Design your balcony the right way keeping the pointers mentioned above. You can even get in touch with an interior design company to help you with the decor. Call us at 8100407799 any time within office hours if you want guidance or assistance. We’ll be happy to help.

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