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6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Best Retreat in Your Entire Home

Bedroom is more than just a place to sleep in. It is also where you unwind, chat with your spouse on personal matters away from other family members, curl up with a good book, and so on. Naturally, this is a room that you need to design for maximum comfort. Here are 10 ideas to help you out.

Get a carpet or rug

There’s nothing inviting about stepping on a cold floor on a winter morning, right after you come out from under the blanket. Put a fluffy rug or a thick carpet on the floor to keep your feet warm till you are ready to venture into the cold world (no pun intended).

Decide on a theme, colour, or style

Your bedroom decor needs a signature – be it a colour, a specific theme, or even a special style. A soothing colour like beige, white, or light blue can help in calming the mind and preparing you to rest. You can also go for motifs based on your favourite objects. If you have a kid who sleeps with you at night, for instance, astronauts or fairy princesses are great for adding a visual impact to the stories you tell him (or her).

Get pillows… lots of pillows

Depending on the size of your bed, you can have anywhere between 1-6 pillows. If your bed is large, you can have even more, as long as you have enough space left to actually sleep. Pillows are not just good for sleeping on. You can even use them to make an impromptu backrest when reading your favourite book.
Get a nightstand

A nightstand can keep essential items that you may need close to bed, so that you don’t have to get down to help yourself to them. Some of the objects you should definitely keep on the nightstand include a glass of water, a book, an alarm clock, and a few meds, like something to bring down a fever, and a painkiller.

Keep a chair around

You should not always sit on the bed. In fact, ideally, you should only get into the bed if you want to sleep. Keep a comfortable chair around to sit on when you read a book, put on your shoes, and so on. Place a tall lamp behind it, and you can easily catch up on your favourite novel, while your spouse sleeps on the bed.
Bring in items that make you happy

What makes you happy? Is it a Harry Potter novel, a large chocolate, or fresh flowers? Keep such items in the bedroom to lift your spirits before you retire for the night. What’s more – your bedroom can also become the space where you retreat at the end of a hard day to recharge your batteries.

So, go ahead, set up your bedroom to become your cozy little corner for retreating to, at the end of a hard day at work. Also, for more ideas and assistance with home designing, call us at 8100407799 and we can help.

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