7 Tips for Turning Your House into a Home!

It is not just living in a construction made of bricks! It’s all about turning that building into a home – into a comfortable and lovable place to live in. Turning a house into an emotion, in which you have the feeling of warmth and togetherness, is an art, and requires proper planning and outlining a strategy that would be effective for making your home a ‘Sweet Home’!

Whether you are planning to build a new abode or want a quick makeover for your existing one – in either case, not only do you require proper architectural planning, but you also need to have that sense of prudence for making everything just perfect! For that you need to follow some expert advice given by any recognised interior designing service providing company.

Following are some useful tips that would guide you while planning interior designing for your home –

      1. Paint smaller rooms, especially the living room in softer and lighter colours. Also make the windows larger and in such a direction which allows enough sunlight to lit up your room and make it brighter. This would make your room look larger. Darker colours might make the room appear smaller which affects your psychology by making you feel that you are being crumpled in a small space.

      2. According to expert advice from professional companies rendering interior designing service, you should place a large mirror opposite a window to double the amount of natural light and open up a room. Also, use decorative mirrors to add instant light to your living room.

      3. Arrange your seating area in a U-shape, and if possible make it at a platform slightly lower than the other rooms. It will invite conversation and keep it going. Also, always invest a little in making your sofas extra comfy.

      4. Make the table the brightest spot in your drawing room. Use a chandelier or a pendant above the table. This is a pro-tip suggested by many interior designing service providing companies.



      5. “Don’t dismiss your ceiling with a coat or two of white paint. The least you can do is tint it with a dollop or two of your wall color. Or paper it with pattern. Or make a sky of golden stars with rubber stamps and a metallic ink pad.” ~ Lee Melahn

      6. Place your furniture low-slung, so that the rooms appear taller. Any good interior designing service provider would advise you this and you must abide by it so as to see positive outcomes.

      7. Put decorative knick-knacks here and there, like wall-hangings, paintings, antique picture frames, framed mirrors, antique objects, etc. it will add charm and increase the aestheticity of your rooms.

So are you ready to invest a little in turning your dream home into a reality? A little prudent decision made now will secure your whole future. Afterall, “Home is where the Heart is!”

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