7 Trends for Commercial Interior Designing

Planning and designing a commercial interior for your new business is not that easy. While designing your commercial space, you need to be very judicious. Apart from making your space look attractive, it must also be cost-effective. The design of a commercial place has a great impact on the prosperity and the success of your business. All you need is to keep up with the latest trends before you create that unique design that will absolutely be loved by all!

Before you start with your commercial interior designing in Kolkata, go through these latest trends that would give your space a perfect look –

  • Make the entrance noticeable and appealing enough – What’s the point if your clients turn away by seeing a very dull and boring exterior? The doorway is a very important part of any commercial interior designing, so make sure you focus on the doorway and make other exterior features stand out!

  • Focus on your target clients – Remember, whatever you choose to do should be for your clients and should be as per the needs of your clients. For example, if your target people are young, use attractive and youthful colours and/or keep some paintings accordingly. Also, make sure that your business personality is well reflected in your commercial interior designing.

  • Focus on your colour palette – Use inviting and pleasing shades for your commercial space. Also, the colour scheme should go in accordance with your target audience and your business attitude and spirit. Colour theory is the most important aspect of any commercial interior designing in Kolkata. Colour coordination is very essential in any interior designing.

  • Keep the area well-lit – Lighting does half of the job! Even a boring space appears graceful due to appropriate lighting. A well-lit commercial space naturally brings about enthusiasm, energy, optimism and motivation. You can also use colourful lighting to set up a certain mood, such as for your restaurant in which you might use a combination of contrasting lighting shades to build up an ambience.

  • Go for deep tones – A combination of contrasting light and deep shades would make your commercial space look elegant and give a sense of balance. Deep tones reflect sophistication and look polished.

  • Geometric patterns – Geometric patterns with interlinked triangles is the new design statement in commercial interior designing in Kolkata. These patterns look elegant and reflect your personality and your company’s image. It also has a lasting impression on the people – mainly the clients and the customers.
  • But have you ever wondered why are geometric patterns preferred so much in commercial interior designing in Kolkata? Every geometrical shape carries certain meanings which evoke certain moods. Let’s see what meaning each of them carries –
    • Squares – represent reliability, stability and order.
    • Circles – stands for completion, wholeness, continuity and harmony
    • Triangles – The triangles that point upwards represent direction and power. The triangles that point down, however, signify instability but has a direction.
    • Pentagons, hexagons and octagons – these shapes give your commercial interior a new and unique look.

    Geometric shapes also represent symmetry and are powerful enough to make a permanent impression on your clients and/or customers.

  • Exclusive artwork – Make good use of artwork such as paintings and portraits or even photographs to set the mood and theme for your business. Also, this would be fascinating for your target group.

In a nutshell, a well designed commercial space can have a great impact on how well your clients find themselves comfortable and willing to connect and work with you. So you must stay updated and consult a skilled team of professionals at a recognised commercial interior designing in Kolkata before starting off with a project.

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