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Add a New Look to Your Room With False Ceiling Service

Are you looking for new ways to deck your home? You will come across a lot of ideas if you search on the internet but one of the best ways to achieve a unique look for your home is by contacting a false ceiling service provider. There might be nothing new about false ceilings as they have also been prevalent for quite a few years now. But there is something extremely appealing and undeniable about a beautiful false ceiling, especially when it is all lit up in vibrant hues. What’s more amazing is that you can collaborate with your interior decorator to add your own unique decorative touch above your head. Right from the design and structure to the lights you can install, false ceilings scream for attraction.

Go All-in With the Structure:

One of the most common false ceiling ideas is having a segregated geometric structure on top of the normal ceiling with lights installed underneath. This creates a very soothing effect when viewed from below as you can see the light emanate from the corners of the drop ceiling. However, you can take it up a notch by creating an ornate design instead of the usual square or triangular structure of the false ceiling. Instead of creating a halo effect with the structure, you can keep the lights neatly tucked inside the ceiling and cover it up completely. This could create a translucent lighting effect, brightening up the entire room in a uniform way.

Play With the Lights:

Apart from the structure, the lighting also plays a major role in adding zing to your room decor. In fact, lights can make or break the entire mood of the room. Using angular lights can be an excellent way to create an intriguing effect throughout the room as the lights fall in different corners and reflect off the walls. You could position the lights in such a way that the corners and other important areas of the room are brightened up while the unimportant areas remain in shadow.

Use One Whole Light as a Ceiling:

This is to create a flooding effect throughout the room. This is only viable in case of larger rooms and halls so that the light spreads evenly over a bigger area instead of acting as a floodlight. In this case, it would be advisable to use a semi-transparent effect with the structure to avoid the room from being overlit.

Use Multiple Drop Ceilings For a Break-even Effect:

Converse to all the usual structures, you can contact your interior decorator and plan for multiple drop ceilings, each considerably small structures, but together adding up for a larger unique lighting effect. You could also play with the color of the lights for different moods.

Drop ceilings can be an excellent way to beautify your rooms. You could look for false ceiling service providers in Kolkata and contact them for even more innovative ideas for your home. With the right lighting and design, you can easily create a completely different ambiance in your room.

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