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Affordable Home Decor Ideas to Up-cycle Old & Ragged Furniture

“Old is gold”- the ancient, English proverb perfectly denotes the ever-lasting significance of old stuffs in our lives. And, the apparently ragged, old furniture are of no exception certainly. Just like many other residents, you too have loads of old furniture just scattering around your rooms. Besides taking up a huge space unnecessarily, they also screw up the interior decor of your home. Not every time, it’s possible to throw them out. How about turning these unwanted junks into some drool-worthy treasures by up-cycling them from scratch ? Follow these tips to create an elegant home using old furniture within a shoestring budget.

Turn an antique bookcase into a mini bar:

Well, it might sound funny to many, but if implemented properly, this idea could add a wow touch to a dull corner of your house. Usually, a bookcase comes in several shelves with tiny glass doors. Use these distinct compartments for stacking up  exquisite bottles of wine, beer, champagne, vodka, etc.
To jazz it up a bit more, adorn your DIY miniature bar with a dash of colorful paints, printed wallpapers and metal racks. Make sure to stock your self-made mini bar with variety of fresh-and-chilled drinks from reckoned brands.

Convert an old suitcase into a lampstand:

Only the creative DIY experts know how promising an old suitcase could be to up-cycle. Gather a couple of old suitcases, paint them in bold-and-bright colors, place by the side of your bed and your DIY lampstand is ready! For adding an extra dose of creativity, let your old suitcases get popped on wooden blocks to serve as a bedside night table. This brilliant yet affordable home decor idea will definitely add a whole new dimension to your master bedroom.

Transform a chest into a coffee table:

Vintage and wooden chests serve well as a coffee table. This DIY coffee table will bring back the rage of the 80s. With a new coat of paint, a coffee table like this could be an indispensable piece of furniture. It certainly adds a timeless vintage charm and also provides some additional storage which is difficult to find in the modern coffee tables.

An old mirror as a wall hanging:

Do you know, an old mirror could make a phenomenal wall-hanging which will increase the wow factor of your living room ? You can choose from an array of wall mirrors such as round, vintage, asymmetrical, etc. Punch up the elegance factor of the ragged mirror by adding colorful, glittery bids, oysters etc. across its edges or border lines. If you wish, you can also add a splash of color to the mirror body by smearing it in oil colors. Using colorful markers, you can even churn out quirky scribbles or doodles on the glass body of a mirror. Thus, you can have a great wall-hanging artwork that would give a lot of elegance to a bare wall.

Consider hiring professional experts:

In order to avail an unbiased perspective about reusing old furniture, it’s good to rely on the residential renovation services in Kolkata that have expertise in up-cycling old stuffs. The professionals with their exceptional flair for aesthetics can guide you in the best way for up-cycling old furniture and resultantly creating a nice contrast to a modern interior.

Waste no more time!! Buckle up and revamp your ragged furniture.

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