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Different curtain styles for modern homes: Interior Designing Tips

Curtains are an extension of fashion. Selection of curtains is an integral part of home décor. Interior designing service in Kolkata by Bengal Interior guides the best for your home, keeping your taste, demands, needs and budget in mind.

Modern homes demand certain curtain styles. Let’s see which style fits your interior.

Gathered Curtain


This is the classiest of all. They come in pleats. It serves the purpose of both décor and light blocking. And as per your needs, you can also tie them up with robes. This gives a typical aristocratic look. Ideal for using anywhere in the house, gathered curtains may even extend from ceiling to floor, making up the drama you are after. For their stitch at the top, they are also called the pleated panel.

Sheer Curtain

Absolutely translucent, these curtains are ideal for the dining area, living area or someplace with a beautiful view of outside, attached to it. Home décor service in Kolkata does heir some good interior designers who can suggest the exact material and stitch pattern for your desired look.

Gathered Curtain | Curtains for Home Decoration | Home interior designing tips | Interior Designers in Kolkata

Café Curtain

If you love to give a corner of your home a cozy café feel, café style curtains are the best! Generally informal in look and feel, they cover only a certain portion of the window.

Lace Curtain

It’s simply for decorating purpose. Different designs all on white, butter, cream and baby pink shades. They are best for your bedroom. It’s a pleasure to have light filtered in patterns.

Eyelets Curtain

These are the curtains with silver or steel rings attached to them. Very easy to hang with rods, eyelets are easy to move as well. These are perfect for the rooms where you are not very organized and can’t afford to care for the moves. Kids’ room can be an example here.

Goblet Pleated Curtain

These are the pleated panel curtains with wine glass shapes at the top of the pleats. They can give you the vintage feel and are therefore ideal for the room with very high ceilings.

Curtains can look more beautiful with its accessories like Pelmets, valence, swag and jabot. Any interior designing service would pick the best for you. Curtains beautify your interior. Choose the best curtains for your home.

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