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3 Ways to Distress Your Space

Home makeover is what you need once in awhile. Just like you even your home needs to distress or else it will make you feel stressed up for no reason. Home is a place where you are supposed to feel at peace, relaxed without worries. But your home can also pose a risk to your health and make you feel stressed and low. So let’s find out how to distress your home and give a nice home makeover to give your family a peaceful time at home.

Home Makeover: Kitchen, the heart of your home

Food nurtures the mind, body and soul. Without it, we would not survive. Kitchen is an essential part of a happy home. But it is usually the most cluttered room in the house. Items such as pots, appliances, and containers make the kitchen more stuffy. So you need to find a way to distress your kitchen and keep it clean and spacious. Find a place in your home for stuff that is making your kitchen clumsy because you don’t need to over stuff your kitchen with a lot of thing. Keep the most important things that you need every day such as tea maker, toaster, mixer grinder. Don’t forget to keep the Kitchen airy, and a chimney is a must. Keep towels to keep yourself dry while cooking and also wipe away any mess before it stains the floor or wall. The most essential part of a home makeover, distressing the heart of your home is important. Keeping your kitchen organized and clean will help your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also promote positive zen in the home.

Home Makeover | Interior Designing | Interior designer in Kolkata

Home Makeover: The Eternal Search for the remote, purse, keys and more

Not just you but even your stuffs deserve a home of their own. Have a storage space for all your stuff or else they will eventually get lost. Keep the remote inside the TV cabinet, your purse on a shelf in the bedroom closet or maybe inside the shelf near the door so that you won’t forget to take it when you leave home. Try to keep all your keys in a single box preferably in a shelf or somewhere you will get easy access. Keeping these in closed spaces, such as drawers and cabinets, is visually pleasing and doesn’t disturb the mood of a home. Storing things on open shelves or on the top of your desk create stress and lessen the amount of open space that your mind sees. Always remember to put items back right away after you use them. Even though it is really simple but it will take time to be organized.

Home Makeover: The Troublesome Sleep

We cannot deny the fact that there are actually many reasons why you may have trouble falling and staying asleep. But we can definitely point out few things that might be keeping you awake. TV or other electronic device in your bedroom can be one of the prime factor. When turned on or sometimes when they’re off, electronic devices such as TVs, certain e-readers, and computers, emit a blue light that interferes with the production of melatonin a sleep-regulating hormone. But sometimes you cannot turn the digital devices off, so what you can do is, dim the brightness of your devices and slowly turn them off when your work is done and keep them away from your body.

To get the best out of your space home remodelling is what you need. Budget plays a huge role when you are planning a makeover of your space. So if you are looking for the best home remodelling service at Kolkata at an affordable rate, get in touch with Bengal Interior.

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