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Easy and awesome Halloween decorations for your home

Now Halloween being one of the most celebrated festivals, especially in the West, this calls for an apt decoration of home also. There are many innovative ideas that are inexpensive and easy to incorporate. They can be well charted out by any reputed interior designing service provider. Side by side, you can also take ideas from different online portals that mainly focus on the decorating ideas of Great Britain, America and many other countries.

  • Light up your walkway or garden path with adorable pumpkin lanterns that are given faces of ghosts and spooky images. In many areas around the world, carving pumpkins has become a family tradition and fun filled activities.
  • Easily turn Mason jars into creepy glowing spider’s nests. Just wrap large and small jars with white medical gauze or cheesecloth, securing the fabric’s ends with hot glue or pins.

Halloween in Kolkata | Interior Designer in Kolkata

  • Now Halloween banners are a great idea to adopt or potted plants you already have hanging at your front door. Make your own handmade banners with Halloween messages using felt, letter stencils, wood sticks and metallic paint.
  • Toilet papers and glow sticks can also be utilized in the best way for Halloween decoration. Make spooky cute cutouts of them and hide them in bushes, shrubs and trees; they would radiate eerie and spooky lights from them.
  • There can be finger or hand prints made with Elmer’s glue and red food coloring, which would look equally eerie and spooky to perfectly fit as the Halloween decoration.
  • Glow-in-the-dark roses are here to light up all of your Halloween celebrations. These white roses are covered with a unique glow topping that mainly absorbs the light and glow to give a spooky effect.

There is not just one affordable interior designing service in Kolkata who would provide such innovative ideas, but there are many who also provide seasonal and festival special decorating ideas as well. Nowadays, you can also purchase a turkey nutcracker for Thanksgiving or one of your favorite team’s mascots. But this year, don’t forget to try decorating with some of the most unique and alluring painted pumpkins that look extremely decorative!

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