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Hire an Interior Decorator for a Brighter and Airier Living Room

If you own a small space, there are several ways in which you can make it look bigger by applying a few effective tricks. Making a room’s interior decorator spacious is all about creating a sense of depth and illusion. Of course, a room cannot be made bigger literally but the human eye can perceive depth in a unique way. With some changes in lighting, rearrangement in furniture and by applying certain colours, a room can be made to look much more spacious than it is.

Play with Colours:

Painting the walls of the rooms in brighter shades automatically make it look more maximized. Lighter colours make light reflect off them in a much more pronounced way, thereby creating an optical illusion of depth. On the contrary, dark colours absorb light which can make a small room look even smaller. When you decide to do a paint job on your walls, go for softer tones like off-white, beige, etc. as they tend to add more space. If you have mouldings or trims, paint them in colours lighter than the walls so that they tend to appear backwards, thus making the rooms even more spacious.

Pay Attention to the Lighting:

This is one of the major contributors to space and depth in a room. In case of small rooms, make sure to allow natural light to flood your rooms. Even if you do not have such an option, clever use of artificial lighting can bring about a major difference in the feel of the room. If, however, the lights are too bright for your taste, you can always use blinds, shutters or sheer curtains to cut back on excessive light. Lighting be tricky and hiring a professional interior designer can help a lot.

Mirrors Can Create Magic:

If used properly, mirrors can be really useful in adding depth to your room. Placing mirrors near the windows can help reflect the outdoors in an effective way that can make it look like a continuous stretch of space from the interior to the exterior. Mirrors also help reflect a lot of light into the room and can hence magnify smaller spaces.

Keep Your Room Tidy:

A lot of clutter instantly subtracts a lot of space from your rooms. Try to keep them as clean as possible in order to prevent them from looking terribly crammed. Putting up too many pictures can also make the room feel crowded. A person walking into a small room should not be greeted with a lot of objects, all screaming for attention. Try to establish a centre of attention in a room – be it the dining table in a dining room, or the bed in a bedroom. Avoid placing large rugs in a small room as it can reduce the depth.

There are plenty of ways to make sure a small room does not look smaller. Instead of searching for smaller, affordable home decor and discarding your existing stuff, try rearranging things like furniture to utilize the space cleverly.

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