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Interior Designing and Traditional Bengali culture

Bengalis are traditionally known be an intellectual class of people. Most of the Bengalis are known to be highly artistic. They also have the reputation of being highly cultured. When it comes to interior designing it has generally been seen that though most of them are great lovers of beauty, they prefer to keep their homes and interiors simple. Being one of the best Interior design service providers in Kolkata we thought to explore how interior designing is done in traditional Bengali culture. In this blog, we will share with you some facts in this regard.


Some typical characteristics of Bengali interiors


  • Wooden furniture

It has been seen that generally most Bengalis are fond of fine wooden furniture. It gives the house a royal look. However, they also cover plenty of space at the same time. Be it tables or showcases and beds, people in Kolkata have a love for wooden furniture. For office interior design too, for furniture wood is most preferable material in Bengal.


Interior Designing Company | Interior Designers in Kolkata | Interior Decoration | Home decor


Use of antique showpieces

Another typical characteristic of Bengali homes is antique showpieces. If you go into any old, traditional & aristocrat Bengali home it is most likely that you would get to see plenty of them. The advantage of this is that they not only adds more spark to an otherwise dull showcase but also makes your home look more bright and visually appealing. These antique pieces can give an elegant look to your modern home too. That’s why now interior designers in Kolkata are advising to have them in modern houses too.


  • They have preference for long drawn sofas 

In some Bengali homes you would not see the regular sofas. They sometimes use long drawn chairs with fancy cushions on tops and they refer to these as their sofas. This is used by them during evenings at tea times and is very comfortable too.


  • Bengali style paintings 

As already mentioned in the introduction, Bengalis are very artistic, especially those who follows traditional Bengali culture. They often love to decorate their walls with traditional Kalighat paintings. These are very simple to look at. This form of painting is also called as “Patha Chitra. These are very colourful and some of these even convey a story attached with it. For home interior designing, these painting can give your walls a traditional look.


  • Bengali style wardrobes

A quintessential Bengali style wardrobe is the most beautiful to look at. They are indeed extremely artistic. Made of high-quality wood, they usually come in several designs and colours. It has also been seen that most of the Bengalis like to keep their wardrobes black or dark brown in colour. For wooden furniture in aristocratic houses, black colour is most preferable forhome interior decoration.


We hope that we have been able to give you a fair idea about the interior decoration at aristocratic Bengali homes. Bengal Interior is one of the leading home and office interior designers and decorators in Kolkata providing the best interior designing services at most affordable rates. To avail our services contact us or visit our website. For more contents related to interior designing keep following with our blogs.

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