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Interior designing trends for the New Year 2017

The New Year is setting in. This means a whole lot to all of us. Be it in terms of the New Year resolutions we take, the goals we set to achieve and much more. But with time trends keep changing. This is also in terms of interior designing. Thus as we move into the New Year 2017, here are some fresh ideas which would make a difference in the way your home would look.

Top Interior designing trends

Colours likely to make a comeback

For most of us in recent times white and neutral colours have dominated our homes. However in 2017, experts predict will be the year that colours would make a comeback. Interior designing experts are of the opinion that colours like muted pastels, dusty rose, rich jewel tones and emerald green are more likely to be seen at most homes and office spaces. Further they say that these would be showing up in all sorts of different mediums. Not just in fabrics, you would see color in light fixtures and plumbing fixtures and countertops as well. 

Curated, personalized decor is likely to rule supreme

Many interior designers predict that there will be a major shift in 2017 from use of mass produced decorative pieces to curated and hand crafted show pieces at most homes in the New Year. Instead of investing money in more regular interior decoration items, you may consider some really good stuff which would stand out in your home. 

Interior designing Service provider | interior designer | home decoration | Home remodelling

Lesser used materials could be a big part of interiors

In the past the most commonly used materials for interior decoration were commonly used building materials like metal and wood. But in 2017 and years to come interior designers are expecting that the less used materials would be more in use. These include a plethora of interesting things with which one can work like crackled resin, reclaimed wood, metallic finishes and leather.

Dark metal could be the finish of choice

When it comes to finishing, everything from a stainless steel range in the kitchen, the lighting, cabinet hardware, and plumbing are heading to a major change. This could be the choice of satin brass, matte black and other dark bronze finishes. All of these are becoming more popular for plumbing and lighting in both kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in accessories when decorating.

A change in your room’s elevation may make a big difference against full renovation

According to many experts in the field say many people now want to take the home they have and elevate it with a level of finish by adding things like beams or a coffered ceiling. They are also going in installation of millwork or paneling on walls. Adding a layer they say can make a big difference in the way your room looks. 

In conclusion we can say that the New Year is likely to bring in revolutionary changes in the field of interior designing and interior decoration. To stay updated with the latest in the field keep following our Blogs. In case you are looking for the most innovative interior decor solutions in Kolkata please get in touch with us. For more details please visit our website. 

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