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How To Introduce More Greenery In Your Home Decor?

There is always a certain freshness that comes to mind when we talk about greenery, particularly if you’re thinking of revamping some creative home decor ideas. After all, the color green signifies new life and a sense of breaking free from everything that’s mundane or dead. Thanks to innovative interior designing services, we can now decorate our homes according to our preferences and incorporate a personal touch to home design.  

Interior designing service everywhere is now getting better and innovative with inimitable ideas. Such service providers are coming up with novel ideas for doing up homes, especially introducing greenery. Greenery no doubt accentuates the beauty of your home manifold if used in a proper way.

Green Home Decor Ideas | Interior Designing Service in Kolkata

Let’s check out few home decor ideas which can help in setting up your ‘green home’:

  • One way to introduce a subtle pop of green into your home is with textiles. Certain shades of textiles can compliment a room or single pieces of furniture. This can be made with special firs that would be the best substitute for grasses. Carpets with green all over will bring freshness to a room.
  • Most importantly, the best and the most innovative way to introduce greenery into your living space are by placing potted plants and shrubs in areas where they can get ample sunlight. Trees and plants can instantly bring life to a dull room. Commercial building interior designing is also featuring such unique ideas.
  • Introducing greens to important accessories like pillow covers and curtains can also provide a feel-good factor to your rooms and even many reputed interior designers are now suggesting this idea. Bamboo blinds are also good alternatives.
  • The vibrant green color balances well with neutral tones like bright yellow or matte finish grey therefore allowing you to experiment with a number of looks. The combination should be such that green is dominant over any other color. This gives a very bright ambiance throughout.
  • You can create an indoor green hub which brings the essence of a natural escape within your urban home decor ideas. Decorate your coffee table with large vases and natural flowers. Also, introduce indoor plants and green creepers while decorating your bookshelf. Flowers will add freshness and seasonal flair to your living room.

Using plants and greenery are more of a challenge today because modern design seems to demand clean lines and simplicity. But this is the most natural and inexpensive way to enhance the beauty of your home interiors. Nowadays, there are many different ways of introducing greenery to your homes – and it can feature in any room, including prayer rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and terraces. Painting walls with attractive shades of green, adding green accessories into the room and also separate indoor gardens, are all the rage these days as long as the interior looks good.

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