Four best ideas to make your small bedroom appear bigger

Bedroom is something which everyone likes to keep well-furnished, compact yet quite spacious. But it so happens that certain bedroom designs often makes the look very claustrophobic and uncomfortable. However, there are many strategies that one can apply with the help of any reputed interior designing service to make your small bedroom appear quite bigger:

  • Monochromatic Paint – This is something unconventional to make the appearance of your bedroom bigger. You can cleverly use certain monochromatic colors throughout the room to create fluidity and space. This is something very unique and is applied in many interior designs; even in Kolkata, many apartment rooms are been given this color application.
  • Use space-saving furniture – Nowadays, furniture is also available in compact packages. Simply raising your bed with risers and then storing your clothes beneath can also help in making your bedroom spacious. Or else, buy beds with built-in storage beneath. Use folding desks and chair which actually saves a lot of space.

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  • Darker ceiling colors or bold patterns – This particular idea is much in vogue for quite long. Even some of the best interior designers in Kolkata are applying this strategy. This is surely a very interesting and innovative technique because you are essentially tricking the eye to look upward. Use patterns that will attract eyes upward and at the same time it will give a very spacious appeal to the bedroom.
  • More of mirrors – Mirrors can be the ultimate illusion. Hence, use more mirrors in bedroom to make the appearance bigger. For instance, you can utilize the bare wall or door in your bedroom, by adding some mirrors to make it look bigger. Cleverly angled mirrors can enhance height and width with the best of exclusionary effect.

If you have small bedroom, they are actually very difficult to design, but if you can use certain unique strategies, then you can literally save space and also make the room appear quite bigger. Just following a few simple steps like the ones mentioned above, by consulting with your interior designers can give you something unconventional and enviable at the same time.

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