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4 Must Do Interior Design Tips For Space Utilization In Chic And Small Living Rooms

Living room should be a place for relaxation and entertaining guests. Good living rooms are harmonious, elegant and classy. While designing a living room, it’s a good idea to think about key aspects like space availability, colors to be used, types of furniture and accessories. A good strategy is required to make a small living room look spacious and beautiful. The right combination of colors, strategic furnishing and a balanced environment will help produce a relaxing feeling.

Some must do interior designing ideas for space utilization in small living room –


Use Wall Space and Vertical Space

The wall behind the sofa is often left underutilized. It is usually decorated with photo frames. Rather, a shelf can be installed to utilize the blank space behind the sofa in your living room.They can also be placed at the corner of a room or along a pillar to store books. This would use up the vertical space in your living room making it look chic yet functional.

Huge continuous book towers would be pricey, but compact bookshelves are reasonably affordable and can be attached to any free wall space to create instant shelving.

Space Above the Door

We usually do not think about the space above the door. But this spot can act as a wonderful place for adding storage. Narrow shelving units can be built above the door and on both sides for storing books or other accessories. This would make your door look much unique and attractive.

living room designing ideas | Bengal Interior

Frame the TV

It is always tempting to hang a TV on an open wall. But, if there is less space available, then that is a problem. Instead of hanging it on the wall, try shelving the TV. It will not only provide you with extra storage opportunities but also help blend the TV in the room’s design. This would give your room a much different look than the much traditional one.

Custom built-in and Windows in Living Room

A tricky corner could easily be left out but it would be a great choice to build a seating or shelving to use the space efficiently. An awkward corner can be made use of by proper designs as suggested by your designer. You can contact any interior designer in Kolkata or home decor service in Kolkata and speak to them about your designing choices. Windows can also be used in a similar way for storage. A bay window with a built-in seat can be utilized in a great way rather than leaving it as a wasted space.

With a bit of creativity, most of the left out space in a living room can be utilized efficiently. These living room designing tips would not only help you save space but also give a beautiful and elegant appearance to your living room.

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