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Make Your Home Inviting With Smart Design Tips

Your home is a place where you want to spend some time happily with your family members and friends. First, the ambience has to be made vibrant and cheerful. This is possible with smart home interior design tips. Many affordable home decor ideas are now trending in Siliguri and Burdwan. These ideas not only fulfill your person goals, but those can also act as value addition elements when the home is put on sale. Here are the ideas that are easily executable.

Making Smaller Rooms Feel Larger:

A small room has the tendency to look cramped. However, an interior designer in Siliguri can make the room appear large with light colored walls. The designer can also incorporate mirrors that are placed strategically to create an abundance of natural light.

Mixing Textures and Patterns:

An interior decorator in Burdwan can creatively mix up old decor items with new ones. There is nothing wrong in placing family heirlooms beside modern couches. Incorporating old, valuable objects belonging to your ancestors speaks about your identity, style and personality. With fabrics whether it be pillows, rugs or furniture, varied patterns and colors can create texture and warmth into your living space.

Incorporating Wicker Baskets:

Wicker baskets are economical and they add elegance to room apart from creating storage spaces. These baskets can be used for storing and displaying books, toys, decor and architectural magazines, blankets, towels, etc. Placing some small wicker baskets on kitchen countertops allows you to store vegetables and fruits while offering beautiful display.

Enhancing Comfort Level:

Slipcovers can work great at enhancing the decor of a room. These products can help at changing the looks of your furniture according to seasons. These coverings are easily removable and create sophisticated looks. You need not worry about people spilling or dirtying your furniture.

Slipcovers also work well for rooms that are used by children. In addition, couches covered with white slipcovers make the ambience elegant, sophisticated, comfortable and casual.

Decorate With What You Have:

You may have several items in your possession, which you have not viewed for the second time. Home decor requires some accessories. You need not visit a store. Have a look at what you possess.

Trays made of wood, silver or acrylic can be placed on tea carts, luggage racks, bedside tables and trunks for adding extra texture. If required, you can place candles on them or keep books on them. Old plates can be used for creating beautiful wall hangings. Borrow art ideas from children’s book and deploy those in children’s rooms and their bathrooms.

Infuse Green Elements:

Place plant pots in the living space. Ensure that you place plants in every room. Plants are economical means for decorating rooms with texture and color. Plants not only make the ambience beautiful but also balance humidity and purify the air. Plants absorb pollutants and eliminate harmful gasses from the air.

What about Hanging Pot Holder?

Kitchens should be warm and inviting. You spend most of the time in the kitchen for preparing meals. A hanging pot rack can be used for adding elegance to the decor. It is not a challenging to get a hanging pot rack as many designs, shapes and sizes are available. With this strategy, cupboards become spacious and offer you additional space for storing items.

Use Area Rugs:

Using throw rugs can add color, texture and personality to your living space. Hardwood floors are beautiful and easy to maintain. Area rugs can add functionality and fun to the living space. Use various fabrics and patterns can showcase your character.

These home decorating tips are worth a try. Hiring an experienced designer can bring the desired outcome.

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