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Modular Kitchen – Best design ideas for Indian homes!

A home is incomplete without a beautiful kitchen. Cooking your favourite food on a Sunday evening in your gorgeous modular kitchen can be an amazing experience! A kitchen does not need to be extremely spacious to be beautiful and functional. Interior decoration, the type and size of drawers, cabinets, shelves or placement of your sink and cutlery can play a key role in designing your kitchen efficiently and aesthetically.

While designing a modern modular kitchen, utilizing each and every small inch of space is essential. Organize your kitchen utensils, cutlery, food, jars and bottle in a systematic well-planned way. Modular kitchen can of various shapes like L-shaped, U-shaped, one wall according to the kind of space available and a beautiful marble counter top can make all the difference.

Good lighting can completely transform the look of your average kitchen. Light up all the corners and install adequate light in the overhead cabinet to further brighten up the space. Installing false ceiling lighting in the kitchen is the current new trend. Even the most beautiful modular kitchen furniture is incomplete without the perfect lighting to complement it. Use patterns and bright colors amidst a subtle dull backdrop. A visually peaceful and impressive kitchen is a dream come true for every homeowner today.

kitchen remodelling service in kolkata | interior designing company in kolkata | bengal interior

Cabinets, drawers, trays should preferably be sliding, so designed that you save as much space as possible and your kitchen remains smoothly functioning. An Indian kitchen has way too many jars of spices, biscuits and other kitchen essentials to store and therefore installing open shelves is important for smooth operating. There are kitchen remodelling companies that will help you achieve your vision of your perfect modular kitchen and also help you with the technicalities which a person without previous interior design experience might be unaware of.

The best part about having a modular kitchen is that you get to customize and decorate it from scratch according to your need, taste and preference. Contact the best interior designers in Kolkata for their opinion and service if you want to get the best results; be sure about what you want your home kitchen to look and feel like.

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