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Simple and affordable home decor ideas for a great looking living room

Be it watching television, welcoming guests or just chatting together, your living room is the one place in your home, where you spend much of your time. So it is the room that we are sure you would like to look the most beautiful. However since this room is much in use it also tend to get worn fast easily. We are sure that you would love to have it redone periodically. You would love to keep pace with the ever changing home decor trends at least for your living room. The skyrocketing prices of such items coupled with the government of India’s sudden demonetization of the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations has caused the Indian real estate sector to take a hit. This includes the interior designing as well.

So with the current situation we thought it apt to suggest some simple and affordable ideas for interior designing which could make your home living room look stylish and beautiful. 

Home decor ideas to liven up your living room

Home Decor | Interior Designing | Living room designer

Look for articles inside your home

We are sure that you must be having decorative stuff which might be lying unused inside your closet and storage areas. These could look trendy with a bit of polish and touch up. You could even look for items which are lying in other rooms which could be used for beautifying your living room with a bit of innovation. Look for some furniture which could be a new avatar with a fresh paint and a bit of fixing.

Go green with plants in your living room

Adding plants to your living room can help to create a whole new look to your living room. One in almost 10 homes in India had a money plant or bulb paced in their living rooms some time back. Since then a lot has changed. You could consider some other options like English Ivy, Peace lily snake plants and bamboo palm plants which would add to the beauty of your living rooms and would not cost you a fortune.

You could create your own artwork and be creative to beautify your living rooms

No matter what you want to learn or explore but the internet comes in real handy. The same goes for your home decor too. With a slight out of box thinking you could surf the internet to have great ideas. Amongst the various websites Pinterest is one such website which you could look into for great innovative ideas to decorate your living room. As an example let’s say you could take an old birdcage, take out the bottom and then fit it with a basic lamp cord kit and chain. This you can buy  from any hardware shop. What you need to realize is that once you open your mind up to the ideas for low budget interior design options you will have unlimited options.

A simple rearrangement of the furniture within your living itself could work wonders for you too. 

To conclude we can say having a beautiful living room is not always about spending a lot. With some innovative thinking you could have unique designing ideas which could liven up your living room even with a fistful of cash. To know about the latest in home decor and interior designing keep following our blogs on Bengal Interior.

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