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Simple Ideas To Decorate Your Home Interior

Home Interior makeover is an age old trend of giving our home a much-needed change! Just like we love new homes, older homes deserve to be celebrated as well. Older places usually have a bit more character, were constructed with better materials and they have a touch of elegance and history that makes you feel a part of something bigger. In this blog, we are going to share few ideas on how to remodel your home according to your need.

Paint-Great way to give your interior a new look

Behold the power of paint. Even bulky pieces like wardrobes and bookcases, when painted the same color as the wall behind, suddenly seem like unobtrusive built-ins – or even like they’re not there at all. The geometric design adds an instant visual update to the room and looks so much chicer than just a drab wooden door. Home Interior makeover is an interesting concept if done right!

Home Interior | Home Makeover | Interior Designing Ideas | Interior Designer in Kolkata | Home Interior Designing Service

Doors-The Key To Stylish Homes

Style is found in the details of a home, and it’s often the discreet elements in a room that upgrade it from “lovely” to “amazingly stylish.” The mushroom-shaped salt and pepper shakers, the paintings tucked away onto bookshelves. These are small details, but once placed just-so, they completely change the space. That’s what painted interior doors do, too. While most of the time people miss the door of a room, but once you paint them they completely transform the whole space. Make your room appear nicer with bright and attractive colors. The color of your door is an important part of the home interior makeover or home remodeling service


If you are still wondering what DIY is, you should know that it is one of the best way to give your home a beautiful makeover. DIY stands for “Do it yourself”, and you really have to do it yourself. With the right kind of interior designing ideas, you can totally change the look of your home. First, understand what needs to be renovated and then start accordingly. While DIY is a little tough because if you don’t find the right solution for the stuff around your home, the end result can be a little messed up. So find the best solution and start renovating your home within a budget. Don’t throw away last year’s calendar. Choose calendar pages with beautiful designs. Conceal lots of ugly stuffs with curtains, roller shades, no-sew table skirts – these are the easiest ways to keep the chaos under wraps. While there are lots of things that can be renovated, these are just a few tips to get started with a beautiful home makeover!

Will share more in the upcoming blogs, till then stay inspired and check out the various services of Bengal Interior where you can also avail affordable home remodeling service in Kolkata.

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