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Some Simple Interior decoration ideas for Summer

It has already become quite warm now. In a few days time we are heading for a hot summer. The summers are the favourite season for many in the cold countries of the west. But in India the summers at most places are extremely hot, humid and scorching. Being one of the best interior designers in Kolkata, we thought to share with you some fresh and simple interior decoration ideas you could use to decorate your homes in this summer.

Furniture Colour

When it comes to home remodelling in summer, the colour of the furniture in summer, according to interior designers, should be bright and airy colours in comparison to dark and muted colours which are more suitable for the winter. Apart from the colour of your furniture of your home you could also use bright colours for cushion covers and mats which you use to give your home a more colourful look for the summer. The same for the curtain colours as well. Bright and colourful colours can set the mood for the summer ahead.

Interior Decoration Ideas | interior designers in Kolkata | Best Interior Designers in Kolkata | Home Remodelling Service in Kolkata

Use curtains instead of heavy drapery  

There could hardly be more comfortable and relaxing than the cool breeze during the summer evenings. To bring in more of this cool breeze, it is best to use light curtains instead of heavy drapery. By using simple yet colourful materials for your curtains you could not only have great looks but also add to your comfort at home.

Add plants to liven up the interiors 

Summers are the ideal time for you to accommodate plants in your home. It is the age of going green. But during winters you may not always be able to keep plants in your interiors, but by adding plants in your interiors you can add a touch of greenery during the summers.

Make your interior more kid friendly

Summers means that your kids are likely to spend much of their time back home as they will be having their long summer vacation. So it is best that you use fabrics and slipcovers that are casual and at the same time washable. This means if these were to become dirty with kids playing around, these could easily be cleaned. 

To conclude we can say that interior decoration ideas for summer is all about finding the right balance between enjoyment, relaxing, and livable interiors. We hope that the interior decoration tips provided here will help you to make your homes ready for the hot summer ahead. In case you are looking for affordable interior designers in Kolkata please get in touch with us at Bengal Interior

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