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The Right Color for Rooms to Complement Affordable Home Decor

There are numerous color theories people tend to adhere to when deciding the color scheme of their rooms. But as it is widely said and accepted, rules are meant to be broken. With more and more people ready to experiment with room colors, it can often get very flamboyant. Choosing the perfect color for your room can be quite a task, especially if you are not very familiar with it. There are seven colors in the spectrum but when you actually go to choose the colors, you are greeted with hundreds of shades, thus making the decision even more difficult for you. You might be on the lookout for affordable home decor but that is just part of the entire story. The bigger picture in case of home decor is the paint that adorns the walls of your room. Just as going all neutral can give the rooms a barebones look, using too many colors can be too garish. You need to draw a line between the two extremes in order to make the rooms worth living in.

Think. Choose. Decide.

There is no need to go all Picasso on your walls as soon as you decide to deck up your room. There are plenty of color options to choose from and you should not rush the decision and lament afterwards. Planning is the key when it comes to decorating or remodeling the interiors. Do not refrain from testing out the colors you think you like. Take color swatches and paint a small area of the wall. Keep the wall painted to get an idea of what the color looks like under different lighting conditions and whether you can live with that shade all around you.

When you plan the color scheme of your rooms, take all of them into consideration instead of choosing a single shade in an isolated manner. Walk into a room and take note of all the visible spaces of other rooms. Choose a color pattern for all the rooms so that the shades blend harmoniously and do not look stark when viewed all at once. The best way to achieve this is to go for varying shades or tints of the same hues as it adds interest to all the rooms.

Choose the Colors Carefully

Neutral colors in soft soothing tones can be the easiest way to go if you are not very sure about the entire color palette. Essentially, people cannot go wrong with white for the centrally located room and then paint the adjacent rooms accordingly. Although many like to experiment with bold colors, remember that the insterest in stark tones can fade just as quickly as they can develop. When people choose a particular color, they usually try to make it last through the next few years and the wrong choice can make you cringe every time you walk into the room. Hues like white and beige can be foolproof when it comes to large halls and landings. For rooms like the living or bedroom, you could select a light and a dark shade and play with them. Bedrooms usually require a mood which can be achieved with combination of shades like navy blue and gold or maroon and white.

Lighting Can Affect the Color

When you decide to go for a particular color, make sure you test out how it looks under different lighting conditions. Natural daylight can be used as a perfect tester as it has a relatively balanced intensity on the different colors in the spectrum. However it is always advisable to check other lighting conditions like incandescent or fluorescent lights as they can cast different tints on your chosen color.

Interior designing can be an art if done the right way. However if you are not very confident about decorating your rooms, you can take help from professionals. If you are looking for an interior designer in Siliguri, we can assist you with our affordable home decor services. Whether you want us to design the entire color palette or choose the perfect color scheme for an individual room, we can help you out. Our experienced professionals can provide the best in class interior design consultation for your homes.

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