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Use warm colour palettes for a perfect home makeover this winter

Every home needs a seasonal makeover. A warm colour palette can give your home the makeover you want. Red, orange, magenta, and others are warm winter colours. Now, make your home your canvas and paint the way you like with the help of a reputed interior designer in Kolkata.

Living Room Makeover

It’s generally the biggest area in your house and you have lot of scope to deck it up! Your home interior decorator should choose light pastel shades as the colour of the walls. They reflect more light and brighten up your decors. Choose cheery red cushions alternated with orange shades. Place round red and coral candles at the corners. The curtains will be flowing butter shades with bright prints on them. They reflect the morning light. At one corner, put some dry flowers of black, silver, golden and brown shades.

Dining Room Remodeling

Place some table mats of orange and yellow shades. Keep a cane fruit basket with colourful seasonal fruits in it. Pick crockery with bright borders and minimum designs.

Kitchen remodeling

Food is the only hero. Colourful vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and various exotic sauces and spices warm up your winter hues. Consult a kitchen remodelling service provider in Kolkata to get the best tips for your kitchen.

Warm Colour | Interior Designer in Kolkata | Home Decorators

Bedroom Decoration

Choose shades of magenta, pink alternated with lavender, lilacs and mauves for your bedroom. The colour of the wall may be a shade of yellow or cream. Match the bright pillow covers with sober sheets. Let the curtains have a little contrast. Any interior designer in Kolkata can help your home makeover with no delay.

Bathroom remodeling

Replace all the olds. Place a handmade seasonal soap, jars filled with colourful bath balls, scrubs etc. Hang towels with shades of green or violets.

Terrace Remodeling

Place seasonal flower plants in pots and enjoy the flowers blooming. Your interior designer will guide you to pick the right plant for your cute balcony.


Any makeover needs a budget. Get the best alteration for your home with affordable interior designing service in Kolkata. With these best warm colour palettes reinvigorate your home interiors with the trendiest shades this season and banish the winter doldrums instantaneously.

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